Linda Schwartz

NEWEST PASSION IS NOW FITNESS AND WELLNESS!  No longer working in Tech Field! ****

Linda Schwartz

My ambition and passion for technology has started years ago when I worked for Atari Computer Camp in 1983 as a Counselor for teenage kids. Now I am so excited about being a Web Designer. This is my story! I am located in San Diego,CA. When I was 20 years old, I worked at Atari Computer Camp. I was hired as a general counselor. My campers were high school graduates preparing for college in the field of computer technology. I was surrounded for the first time of my life around computers and the BASIC language being taught. So I got very interested and started learning how to operate computers and playing my newest favorite game of PAC MAN. I was so excited with all of this new technology and games. I was also in the middle of my college career during 1983, but worked in the summer time and part-time during those years.

Later on, I went out into the world of careers and ambition in the Travel industry, then I started learning how to use computers at my job in Reservations. Every job I have had enabled me to learn more interesting software. I finally decided to get very involved in big business on Wall Street in International Banking with Credit Lyonnais and stay in the Financial district throughout the rest of my career. I was a Y2K  Coordinator at Spear, Leeds and Kellogg, which allowed me to develop many exciting new skills in coding, preparing reports for meetings, creating those meetings etc.

My business background is in Travel, Banking and Brokerage. I ended up very excited about the Information Technology field in the early 90’s and worked along with computer programmers and telecommunications professionals. I developed a love for computer technology over these years. I even took computer programming classes privately as well as other courses in order to develop a better understanding of the IT field.

After getting married in 1998 and being a stay-at-home-mom for a few years (2001 − Present), I decided that I would elaborate on my skills in technology because I enjoy it so much that I actually worked along with a friend of mine, Alan Shibe, computer programmer. He taught me how to become a web developer while learning IWEB on my brand new IMAC computer in 2007. I started playing around with all kinds of interesting software and created a couple of websites on my own. I always wanted to work in IT and find a career with my Administrative background so that I would be able to apply my skills and knowledge for a Home Based Business in Web Design. I also took a chance in creating my own website on wordpress and taught myself how to become independent in using this technology. I realize that it is time to contact a web design company to see how to get started in the field of web design, which I love and keep building up my skills. This has become my passion and new career in technology.

My Professional background consists of working for all kinds of classy firms such as Spear, Leeds and Kellogg, Credit Lyonnais, and Chandris Cruises (Celebrity Cruises). I have been speaking, reading and writing both Spanish and French for over 30 years. I actually started learning Spanish when I was 15 years old. I continue to prosper and train in various areas of the VA field as well as work with the best clients.

Credentials are the following:

  • Worked many years on Wall Street & Midtown Manhattan in Banking, Brokerage and Travel industries as an Administrator.

  • Excellent skills in Technology and computer software.

  • Received a B.A. in Spanish and French at CUNY Queens College

  • Certificate of French at Laval University

  • Certificate of Computer Programming at Cyberlon Data Systems

  • Certificate of Html – Web Pages – Rockland Community College

  • Certificate of CSS and XHTML – Rockland Community College