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Naftali and Linda Schwartz

Naftali and Linda Schwartz

Naftali & Linda Schwartz

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Are you ready to find a solution to a weight loss challenge or a relationship conflict in your life?  


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My husband and I have had to grapple with situations in our life to become the couple we are today!  We are married 23 years together and have been through so much with our own families, daughter and even in our own life.  Each one of us has a story to tell whether happy or sad.  We are sure that so many of you out there online and in person have experienced lots of issues in life.  So share your story with us, and let us help YOU  to find a solution to improve your relationship, body, mind and soul.  

We are spiritual, healthy and enjoy life each day!



We can get the solution to your situation resolved today!

Relationship coaching services: (Take our Relationship Quiz)
Married couples that want to Restore their marriage
Couples in their first year of marriage
Couples preparing to get married

Wellness Coaching:
Healthier eating with proper nutrition
Food Preparation for daily meals
Better fitness and proper exercise: Cardio and Strength Training
Zumba Gold for Seniors or Beginners