Naftali Schwartz

Naftali Schwartz










I am a warm, personable Relationship Coach and NLP practitioner that provides my clients with hope, love, care and helpful inspiration in many areas of their lives. I believe that helping people with TLC (Tender Loving Care) cures most of their difficulties in relationships as well as in other areas of their lives. I understand not just the surface of their issues, but I see the entire “picture” of their attitudes toward life. I know exactly how to create a good rapport with each person I meet by understanding who they appear to be and who they are in real life. I know that a person may have a title in his/her own profession, but ultimately, we are all human beings.

My expertise is inspiration, encouragement, spirituality and motivational speaking. 

Relationship Coach & NLP Practioner

  • Born in  Israel – August 1956.

  • Relationship and Wellness Coach

  • B.A. – Education & Sociology – Queens College 1980

  • Retired Special Education Teacher