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Wellness Coaching is a wonderful way to help all kinds of people get healthier than ever before!

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Linda Schwartz Zumba Fitness Instructor and Health Coach

  I started to work on my own health and weight loss because I was tired of feeling sick as well as overweight.  In April 2010, when I was checking out my facebook messages at that time, I noticed a link with a photo of a RAW food diet.  I almost ignored it because I thought “hey, no way can I even conceive of the notion of becoming a vegetarian/vegan”. No way did I feel I could live on eating tons of veggies like a rabbit!  LOL!

I knew in my heart that I did not want to keep feeling sick from IBS and continue to worry about diabetes etc.  My mother died from diabetes in 2007.  My brother was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008.  Therefore, I felt compelled and determined to do some serious research for myself to avoid that kind of illness.

Once I started to go online to this wellness group on Facebook and found out how so many people learned to feel better as well as change their diet for a much better lifestyle, then I became interested in trying out some of their green smoothie recipes they discussed.   

The best part of all of this information and story I am telling you here is that I lost over 30 lbs and am much more Fit than ever before!  My newest passion is being a Zumba Fitness instructor and Wellness coach!

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