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Fitness and Personal Training is a wonderful way to help seniors get healthy! I teach seniors and women 50+ to enjoy a much more nutritious way to fuel their body.  Remember that we only have one BODY, and it’s absolutely imperative to eat, drink, exercise and rest properly to get the benefits of a healthier lifestyle!

How long have you been struggling with weight loss or poor health or terrible eating habits?


 Zumba with Linda

Healed by Nutrition!



Linda Schwartz

Zumba Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach




Here’s my Wellness and Fitness Story:

 I started to work on my own health and weight loss because I was tired of feeling sick as well as overweight.  In April 2010, when I was checking out my facebook messages at that time, I noticed a link with a photo of a RAW food diet.  I almost ignored it because I thought “hey, no way can I even conceive of the notion of becoming a vegetarian/vegan”. No way did I feel I could live on eating tons of veggies like a rabbit!  LOL!


I knew in my heart that I did not want to keep feeling sick from IBS and continue to worry about diabetes etc.  My mother died from diabetes in 2007.  My brother just died recently from Liver Failure and diabetes.  Therefore, I feel compelled and determined to continue doing serious research for myself to avoid that kind of illness.  I pray each day for healing and expect it too.


Once, I went online to a wellness group on Facebook and found out the ways that so many people are learning to feel better as well as change their diet for a much better lifestyle.  I decided to try some of their green smoothie recipes they presented on Youtube.   


The best part of all of this information and story I am telling you here, is that I lost over 35 lbs and am much more Fit than ever before!  My newest passion is being a Zumba Fitness instructor and Wellness coach!  I have been developing my passion for both Fitness and Wellness over these last 12 years now.  Yes, I started all of my research as of April 2010 and feel so much better today. I am at my goal weight of 115 lbs , which I never even knew I could achieve at a later age.  Well, as I keep learning from all of my mentors is that “AGE” is just a chronological number!  


Decades of my Fitness and Weight Loss Life: (I have struggled to keep my weight off all of my life)

I was a chubby child until the age of 16!  I ended up teaching myself some starvation tricks to lose weight and found them to work all the way through collage until age 26.  So from age 16 – 26 I was a thin person at a size 4 just like now.

Late 20’s – 30’s:  I was on a sedentary career path and neglected exercise, diet and weight loss.  When I got married at 35 I had dropped about 10 lbs, then we planned to have a family and I could not lose weight after that.

40’s was when I started to find all kind of irritable problems with my body after I had my daughter and told my doctor what I felt like in my stomach.  I started some research to find supplements to help make me feel better as I went to a local health food store.

My late 40’s around 47/48 was when I realized that after my mother passed away from her health problems and the way I was feeling those days, that instead of focusing on weight loss just to release pounds on my body to look better, I had to find a way to get healthier.  This was exactly in 2010 when I started to figure out that it was totally important to change my eating habits from being a YO-YO dieter with chronic IBS problems.

50’s – I am feeling and learning so much more about health, wellness, nutrition and fitness that I actually have such amazing results ever since I began my journey these last 12 years now.  

59 – Now I am a Fitness and Wellness Professional Coach with results such as reducing a weight loss from 152 lbs to 115 lbs.


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