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Wellness Coaching is a wonderful way to help all kinds of people get healthier than ever before!


Zumba Gold Certified

Eliza Stone trained Linda Schwartz
Zumba Gold 10/5/2018


Alfredo Padilla trained Linda Schwartz
Zumba Basic 1/11/2015

I started to work on my own health and weight loss because I was tired of feeling sick as well as overweight before April 2010.  All of a sudden, when I was checking out my facebook messages at that time, I noticed a link with a photo of a RAW food diet.  I almost ignored it because I thought “hey, no way can I even conceive of the notion of becoming a vegetarian/vegan”. No way did I feel I could live on eating tons of veggies like a rabbit!  LOL!

So anyway, I knew in my heart that I did not want to keep feeling sick from IBS and continue to worry about diabetes etc.  My mother died from diabetes in 2007.  Therefore, I felt compelled and determined to research that website link on my facebook page called “www.rawfoodrehab.com”

Once I started to go online to this website and found out how so many people learned to feel better as well as change their diet for a much better lifestyle,then I became interested in trying out some of these green smoothies they mentioned to start with.  I actually was welcomed to that site by the director, Penni Shelton, who originally started her research naturally to cure her own IBS. I had been so sick from that myself and decided to communicate with her about my symptoms via email; she gave me lots of information to help me feel better.  She is an amazing person!  I learned so much from her about making healthy raw foods from green smoothies to raw apple pies etc.

I was really starting to feel better by July 2010 and lost a few pounds.  I kept going on that website during the entire last few years  everyday and met new friends online too that had very similar health issues.  It took me about 1 year to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.  I have been feeling great ever since then.

I started blogging on that website and learned so much from their videos too! Now I feel it’s my turn to really help other people enjoy a new way of good healthy eating and fitness too!

My family and I moved from New York to Los Angeles, CA in August 2013 to change our entire lifestyle and be around very healthy people.  Well, after all we lived amongst lots of entertainers in LA, and they must watch their weight and image at all times for their appearances on TV, Radio, and of course the stage.

However, that is really not why we moved out here!  We came out to the West Coast because it has gorgeous weather and has friendly people out here.  Health is number 1 out here too because of all the Farms, Organic Supermarkets and tons of fitness center too.

I just love it!  My family and I joined Crunch fitness in October 2013 in order for us to start exercising properly as well as keep fit.  After we learned about the machines and working out with weight trainers, then I started learning about ZUMBA classes.  I just love it!

My daughter comes with me to dance Zumba 3 times a week!  I have always loved to dance, since I was 7 years old, but always did it privately at home.  I am so happy that millions of people allover the world are dancing Zumba too!  We now live in San Diego, CA and are members of 24 Hour Fitness.

Now I can enjoy working with clients that are really looking to eat properly and exercise for fitness.  My devotion for the rest of my life is great health and fitness.

Let’s have fun together and get you in great health as well as fitness!  I am a Zumba Gold Instructor for seniors and beginners!


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