The Center for Self Improvement, Inc has all kinds of interesting venues that support health, wellness, and relationships.


Our mission is to help people get the results of their transformation that they are looking to accomplish.

We offer relationship and wellness coaching to all kinds of people that are really interested in changing their lives in the very best ways: i.e. improving current relationships or starting new ones, health, diet, nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.

We love people and have been following all kinds of famous guru self-improvement coaches all over the web as well as in person.  Some of these famous Success Coaches live out here in California such as Anthony Robbins.  My favorite one is Jack Canfield whom we met in person at the California Women’s Convention back in May 2014. Now I am watching and following Terri Savelle Foy online!

One example of a new transformation that my family and I made was to move from the North East (NY) to the South West (CA). We went through many challenges to make it out here and now we are living proof that results work out when it is all thoroughly planned out. We have had this dream to move out to the West Coast since 2008. Now we live here and love it!

Find out what kinds of actions, plans, dreams and intentions we had to move out here!  We continue with our other plans of success in California such as opening up our new relationship and wellness coaching company.

 Look what people can do at any age when they really want to enjoy life!  We are constantly working on ourselves and with other people to create a better world out there.


Now I am a Zumba Gold Fitness Instructor for the Elderly community!

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