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Going back to Basics! Spiritually, Mentally and Physically

About The Host
Naftali Schwartz is a warm and personable Relationship/Wellness Coach who provides his clients with hope, love,care and helpful inspiration in many areas of their lives. He believes that helping people with TLC (Tender Loving Care)cures most of their difficulties in relationships as well as in other areas of their lives. He understands not just the surface of their issues, but he sees the entire “picture” of their attitudes toward life. He knows exactly how to create a good rapport with each person he meets by understanding who they appear to be and who they are in real life. He
knows that a person may have a title in his/her own profession, but ultimately, we are all human beings.

Naftali teaches people to listen to themselves talk about their situations, then gets them to change their thoughts as well as feelings about themselves. He understands that change takes time, and he works with people to see their outcome later on.

Naftali’s wife relates a story that perfectly illustrates how compassionate he is. On their second date, before they went to a movie, he asked her to join him in visiting a sick neighbor in a nursing home. The neighbor was in terrific pain. Naftali helped to make her more comfortable in order to ease her pain.

Naftali looks forward to reversing the “Divorce Epidemic” within the USA and globally. Lots of people seem to be against marriage, but we can learn how to work out our relationship issues by listening to each other.